Komatsu Commits to Longwall Equipment Vision

Komatsu will offer Joy engineered powered roof supports (PRS) via its PRS manufacturer partners, maintaining that its decision reinforces its desire to better meet customer needs, reduce costs and maximize performance.

Komatsu noted that, despite the decision, it will stay committed to the longwall market by providing Joy engineered PRS solutions worldwide, designing roof supports, and will continue to design and manufacture Joy armored face conveyors, shearers and longwall controls (including PRS controls). Its project management, quality and integration services for longwall systems also will remain in place.

Komatsu said it does not expect any existing order fulfillment disruptions. Service and support functions by the company and its global partnership network will continue.

“As customers look to cut costs in the evolving coal market, we want to help provide flexibility while continuing to offer the core competencies we are known for in this space: Joy custom-engineered PRS solutions,” said Jason Savage, senior vice president of Joy underground soft rock. “We will continue to provide, and further develop, the design and technical support of engineered PRS solutions to help our customers mine efficiently and safely while enabling access to lower cost manufacturing sources to reduce up-front investment.”

The manufacturer said that there could potentially be changes to its manufacturing footprint as a result of the move, and those could impact its Manchester and Worcester facilities in the UK. However, no immediate changes are being confirmed and no more details are available.

“We are focused on working with our employees and our customers to make this transition as smooth as possible and empower the global mining market with the highest levels of longwall automation, remote operation, safety and productivity,” Savage said.

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